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A 6th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is being written

September 24th 2008 01:20
Beeblebrox Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy

Yes, it's true. The 6th installment of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is being written, but not by Douglas Adams.

How could it be? Adams died in 2001 and, as far as I know, all necromantic attempts to raise him from the dead have been dismal failures. It's a good thing, too - as an undead lich, Adams would not have believed in the supernatural, but would have grudgingly accepted the fact that some dark arts brought him back.

The Zombie Adams would be a powerful writing force, finally able to complete the sixth book in the Hitchhiker's Trilogy. Adams often mentioned that the fifth book finished on a down note, and he would have preferred the series to have ended happily.

Sadly, death interrupted Adams' search for a happy ending. Yet, Adams' death does not mean the end of the series, unfortunately.

Adam's widow, Jane Belson, has given permission for a sixth book to be penned by children's author Eoin Colfer. I have to assume this is all about the dolla-dolla-bills, yo, as there's no good reason to destroy her late-husband's legacy with an inferior product.

Inferior, it will be, as the series was a highly personal project, full of life and character. The best Colfer can hope for would be a near-imitation.


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Comment by JohnDoe

September 24th 2008 01:31
Just plain wrong!

Next they will pen another instalment of Lord of the Rings just because one of the Tolkien kids says its ok.

Comment by D. Armenta

September 24th 2008 01:48
..or feature the great Fred Astaire dancing on a vacuum cleaner commercial because his last wife okayed it! Or use Beatles songs to advertise banks!

I wonder if there is any real way for an artist to protect their work indefinitely?

Comment by Chris Champion

September 24th 2008 02:10
Hi Cibby,

Just plain wrong, indeed, and completely ignorable when it appears.

Like Son of Frank's efforts to cash in on his dad's genius. Let sleeping Dunes lie!

It is interesting, however, JohnDoe, that you mention, The Lord of the Rings, because one laudable effort in this area was the work of Christopher Tolkien, helped by fantasy fiction writer Guy Gavriel Kay, in completing JRR's The Silmarillion. Published in 1977, four years after his death, it is a collection of writings which generally gives a history of Middle-Earth. It's vast in scope - hobbits and The Shire are dealt with in a few paragraphs - and we would be poorer not to have seen it published.

Unlike any attempt to emulate Douglas Adams.


Comment by Chris Champion

September 24th 2008 02:17
PS A good Douglas Adams quote: "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

And who recognises this: "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't"?

Comment by Cibbuano

September 24th 2008 03:01
Chris, my first thought was about the new Dune books. Blaugh! I see there's another one out.

D, sadly, there's nothing that can be done. Didn't the US govt extend the copyright on Mickey Mouse?

JD, yeah, the Silmarillion... I wonder if Tolkien's son wants to write more? I think it's bad news..

Comment by JohnDoe

September 24th 2008 03:18
Hi cib,

The silmarillion served more as a companion piece to me than an actual Tolkien novel...besides it was pretty much all his words wasn't it, just compiled from notes the son found?

Comment by Damo

September 24th 2008 03:30
What an anathema to all that we hold true and dear in the fading memory of Douglas Adams.

It does rekindle memories of other cash in jobs.

Thomas Kenealy's sequel to Orwell 1984. It was serialized in the paper. Puke award of the year.

Why not a sequel for War and Peace. I am sure we can find a ghost writer with equal skill.

The Second Day in the Life of Ivan...

Lord of the Flies 2: This time it is personal.

Star Wars Episode 1

Son of Macbeth.

A Late Summer Nights Dream.

Yes I can see myself buying all those books too.

Comment by Lilla

September 24th 2008 08:07

Yes my first thought was about Dune too and how this will prbably be the same ... and yet, I find I am also curious to see where they take it; keeping in mind that to make the dolla.dolla, it will also need to reflect the younger generations lifestyles too?

God Knows.. but then a terrible thought struck me.. that means in our old age, long after JK dies, we may well be facing a series of middle aged Harry Potter re~inventions too!

God forbid, but silly things like death never stopped Mr Spock either did it?

Lilla ...

Comment by Jeannine Baird

September 24th 2008 12:01
Well, it could give new meaning to the term "Ghost Writer"...
I wonder whether Douglas discovered the meaning of life was greater or less than 42.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Comment by Luke

September 26th 2008 23:28
The Silmarillion was also co-written by noted 80s fantasy author Guy Gavriel Kay, though he never seems to get any credit for it.

Tolkein is overrated anyway... I see no problem with all the various 'cash-ins' that utilise his extensive notes. He only wrote two books, and he was never going to write anything else other than histories, poems and short children's stories (eg. roverandom, leaf by niggle).

Getting back on topic though, someone else continuing the Hitchhiker books IS kinda redundant.

Comment by Daniel Mason

October 3rd 2008 09:16
I don't think it's possible for this sixth book to ruin Adams' legacy. While I'm certainly hesistant to read my beloved characters as written by another, some initial positive reviews might pique my curiosity. Though I didn't even read The Salmon of Doubt, so it's unlikely that I'd spend money on this one.

Comment by Jeannine Baird

October 14th 2009 05:56
So, have you read a sample yet? There was much about it over the last few days in the media.

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