This looks like one of those odd indie Aussie-efforts that make a short critical splash but soon disappear never to be seen again. That’s a little unfair for me to say I guess, because it’s a lot better than my previous sentence implies.

For anyone who’s ever lived in a share-house, this film delights in it’s all-too-true parade of sad and amusing characters as it follows nine months in the life Danny, a serial tenant who has lived in nearly 50 share houses in his relatively short time. Danny is a would-be writer, blocked and unable to create, and witness to the problems of others. His own predicaments slowly grow from (and as a result of) the troubles of others… the main plot starting to emerge as he moves from Brisbane to Melbourne to Sydney, seemingly drifting along, avoiding the authorities who would have him cough up more than 15 thousand dollars, a debt bestowed upon him by – yep – other people!

It’s an intelligent film, showcasing a depth and verbosity usually avoided by Australian movies (which are usually and too frequently content to wallow in pseudo-yob territory). It’s also an insanely humourous film, driven by the absurdities of it’s vast array of flatmates-from-hell, but is also as touching as it is funny. It’s a film worth checking out, if only to watch Noah Taylor – possibly the freakiest-looking leading man in film-history.