This is one of those films that I always see hanging around in the video store. I remember that it was fairly well-received (critically) when it first came out, and the various quotes on the video cover seems to reinforce this (when doesn’t it?) It was only a matter of time before I got around to watching this. Hell, I even own a copy of the damned thing on 2-dollar-video.


It was obvious from the outset that this is one of those small-budget indie films. It’s amateurish, features little camera work and seems a little vague at times. The premise of the film is interesting, to say the least. Two men, tired of female rejection and away on business for six weeks, decide to wreak their revenge on women by focusing their manly attentions on the weakest, plainest, most unloved female they can find, and then dumping her after bringing her to as high a point as possible. They find their victim in the form of Christine, a deaf woman who works for their business.

The film works like a series of sketches, ranging from the blackly funny and surprisingly realistic to the expositionary and pointlessly dull. The film is funniest when focusing on the cocky antics of Chad, the more confident of the two men, especially in relation to their workplace – hilariously satirising inner-business and office politics. Unfortunately, the film becomes very dull in other parts. The acting is nothing exceptional, and the plot seems to lose it’s way a bit towards the end.

I’m at a loss as to why I complimented the film’s funny parts that much. It makes it sound like it’s almost worth seeing. It’s not, it is dull and amateurish, and not the brilliant satire it wants to be. The film has some interesting points to make about ‘the company of men’, but I feel that any message it wants to make is undermined by it’s weaknesses.