As a huge fan of Soderbergh’s Ocean’s 11, and a big enough fan of its two sequels, as well as being
somebody who’s enjoyed the work of many of the actresses in Ocean’s 8, I was pretty pumped to see the
movie. And, while I didn’t check my watch during it or think about what I was going to do afterwards, I
couldn’t help but leave the theatre a bit disappointed after seeing the newest instalment.

The performances I expected were there; Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett owned it, boss bitches that
brought an air of regality to proceedings while still keeping it fun. The rest of the ensemble were also great,
with Rihanna shining bright like a stolen diamond in particular.
Unfortunately, the suave coolness that oozed out of Clooney, Damon and the rest of the men’s cast from
years ago is somewhat missing from 8. And through no fault of the actresses within. The plot is almost
entirely devoid of any sort of suspense or real stakes. Bullock comes out with a plan, she and Blanchett put
together their Hogan’s Heroines, get to work, and everything comes off almost without a hitch. A few
logistical snafus, but nothing that lets these women reallyshow their stuff when it comes to getting out of

The linear nature of the action not only shortchanges the performers, but also the audience. There’s no
sense of suspense or real stakes. We keep waiting for a real sense of urgency or problem only to be left
wanting. Bullock doesn’t even get a chance to really shove it in the face of the only person who can
conceivably be called a villain. On top of that, a super silly twist (with no major ramifications) post heist left
me bewildered.

So, while the heist was a success (both in the movie and at the box office), it wasn’t necessarily one that I
needed to sit through in the theatre. A fine enough film for a flight or a lazy watch at home, but no need to
rush out and see it. Quite a shame considering how many kickass women they assembled for the cast.