Until just a few years ago, we only had the choice between cigarettes, cigars, or pipes – all tobacco based products. But now that we know all too well the dangers that tobacco smoking can bring, we’ve been searching for alternatives, and the industry has answered. Enter the e-cigarette vapouriser, also know commonly as a ‘vape’.

Vaping produces no smoke, only vapour, making them a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco-smoking products. And now with their rising popularity due to increased health benefits, a whole culture has emerged around vapes and vaping.

The Vape Revolution

Technology has modernised the way we inhale nicotine. E-cigarettes work by propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid that is mixed with nicotine being heated. The liquid is often flavoured, and this has become part of the vape culture in itself. A small battery-powered atomizer, known as a ‘vape pen’ is what allows us to inhale the vapour.

There is some debate between scientists and users as to which is safer between traditional cigarettes and vaping, since even with vaping you are inhaling dangerous chemicals into your lungs. But after all, the consensus seems to be that vaping is overall healthier for your body because it cuts out a lot of the other negative effects associated with regular tobacco smoking. In addition, vaping is preferred over smoking cigarettes because the liquids are cheaper, so people can save money if they make the switch.

Vaping as a Subculture

Around ten years ago, nobody was vaping. But these past five or six years has seen a massive rise in the vape community. From people switching from regular smoking to newcomers, vaping now has a real following. Most people who are now vapers, however, are ex-smokers who are proud to have quit smoking tobacco because they know the dangers, but didn’t want to give up their nicotine addiction.

This means that all vapers share something in common, and now as a result share a community. The most popular places to buy vape products – which include the liquids and the necessary vape pens – are stores known in the community as ‘vape lounges’. The mostly operate as a shop, where staff can advise you on your purchases, they also act as a kind of neighbourhood pub. It is a place where people not only buy their e-liquids and vapes, but these lounges are a place where vapers hang out and meet other vapers, all united by the fact they’d quit cigarettes and are now into the new scene.

Vaping is Here to Stay

Despite its initial slow start, vaping has rapidly risen in popularity over these past few years alone. People were slow on the uptake, that’s because they probably didn’t know what they were missing out on. Now the majority of vapers are ex-smokers, those who have given up traditional cigarettes for the electronic variety. Not only is it better for your health, it’s better for your pocket too. Alongside this new preference, a whole subculture around vaping has also arisen.