MOVIE BUFFS can check out the destinations made famous on the big screen,
with this pick of top 20 films that inspire travel.

The travel gurus have reeled in a list of popular movies and set locations
around the world, including some Academy Award winners for Best Picture
and Best Cinematography.

A great film, set in a visually spectacular location, can have the power to
draw travellers to a particular part of the world, he said.

Whether it is a classic film, like The Sound of Music and Out of Africa, or
a newer film, like Sex and the City, Lord of the Rings and Eat Pray Love,
people tend to connect with the characters and want to follow in their

See the list below.


1. Casino Royale – Montenegro, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Italy and
the United Kingdom

Set at the beginning of Bond’s career as a 007 Agent, this film maps out his
movements from Miami International Airport to a poker game at Montenegro.
Fast-paced and fiery, this is a sampler of Europe’s popular cities.

2. The Da Vinci Code – Paris, London, Scotland
Crack the code on a journey across Paris, London and Scotland to find the
Holy Grail. This thriller exposes a massive religious conspiracy and
showcases the Louvre, Westminster Abbey and Temple Church in a completely
new light.

3. The Hangover – Las Vegas

The bright lights in Las Vegas provide the perfect scene for a comedy about
the drunken misadventures of three groomsmen and their best mate before his
big wedding day. Blokes keen to let loose won’t need much convincing of a
good time on The Strip, if they follow the lead of these lads.

4. The Real Cancun – Cancun

It’s the first true reality feature film, where six camera crews follow 16
American college students as they immerse and indulge in the Spring Break
revelry of Cancun, Mexico. The movie was filmed on location, 24 hours a day
for one week in March 2003, and reveals the students’ exploits through
interviews and planned group activities, as well as through their own
spontaneous adventures.

5. The Euro Trip – Europe

This entertaining adventure across Europe is in search of a German pen pal,
but some awkward and embarrassing situations along the way keep things
interesting. Top cities along the journey include London, Paris, Amsterdam,
Bratislava, Berlin and Rome.

6. Amelie – Paris

An inspirational tale in a pretty city about a beautiful and innocent young
girl named Amelie, who moves to Paris in search of love and happiness. She
spends her days working as a waitress at a central café in Montmartre and
discovers romance can truly blossom.

7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy – New Zealand

This film has put New Zealand on the world map as a country of diverse and
breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Follow the ring on its mystical journey
through mountains, snow, dark forests, rivers and plains.

8. Eat, Pray, Love – Italy, India, Bali

Author Elizabeth Gilbert finds herself at crossroads in her life after a
divorce, so she embarks on a journey of self-discovery in Italy, India and
Bali. In her travels, she finds the pleasure of nourishment by eating in
Italy, the power of prayer in India, and the balance of true love in Bali.

9. Memoirs of a Geisha – Japan

Set in Kyoto, this poignant picture tells the story of a poor Japanese girl
who is taken from her family to a geisha school. A delightful old-world
charm is beautifully complimented by accents of colour in masks and silk

10. The Beach – Thailand

The story follows a young nicotine-addicted traveller from a hotel in
Bangkok to the beaches in Thailand, after he finds a map left by his weird
neighbour who commits suicide. The map supposedly leads to a legendary
island paradise where some other rebellious souls have settled.

11. Sex and the City – New York

This savvy, light-hearted chick flick has women around the world dreaming of
a break in the big city. Get a taste of the New York lifestyle, from
designer outfits and shopping along the fashionable 5th Ave to ladies
lunches and a pre-wedding dinner at Buddakan in Greenwich Village.

12. Couples Retreat – Bora Bora
Stunning scenery of sparkling azure waters, soft sanded beaches and
overwater bungalows make naturally Tahiti a dream destination for all
couples. A hilarious storyline and great cast complement the beautiful
setting and keep the tone romantically fresh and funny.

13. Under the Tuscan Sun – Tuscany

Discover the sweet Italian life, when a recently divorced writer buys a
villa in Tuscany on a whim, hoping it will be the start of a change for the
better in her life. It is a brilliant illustration of the amazing food, warm
culture and friendliness of people in Italy.

14. Motorcycle Diaries – South America
Stunning scenery with a storyline and soundtrack to match. Poignant,
passionate and heartfelt, it’ll have you planning your next adventure to
South America to see Machu Picchu, minus the rusty bike.

15. Out of Africa – Kenya

Dramatic sweeping shots of isolated plains and unique wildlife offer a truly
brilliant backdrop and showcase the beauty of Africa. A beautiful film that
is visually inspiring, ideal for travellers who want to escape somewhere

16. Mamma Mia – Greece

Enthusiastic ABBA fans will love the songs and connect with the characters
as they bounce around inflated beach balls. Amazing coastal panoramas,
quaint little towns and a relaxed warm vibe will have you longing for a
holiday in the Greek Islands.

17. In Bruges – Belgium

This Irish comedy crime film follows two hitmen as they hide in Bruges, one
of the few canal-based northern cities in Europe. Get a peek into the
storybook history and at one point, the characters visit the Groeningemuseum
to see Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Last Judgment.

18. A Good Year – France

It is not every day that you can escape to an uncle’s chateau and vineyard
in Provence, but this film turns dreams into reality. Enjoy the laid-back
lifestyle and beautiful scenery in the country region of France.

19. The Sound of Music – Austria

Based on the Broadway musical, this uplifting film is as sweet as a spoonful
of sugar and leaves you wishing you were skipping through fields of green in
Austria. Now, the hills are alive with The Sounds of Music tours through
Salzburg and the lakeside district.

20. Crocodile Dundee – Australia

Like or loathe it, Paul Hogan presents the stereotypical Northern
Territories Ozzie bloke. Featuring quintessential Australian humour, this
film has had foreigners reeling ‘one-liners’ and booking tickets to the land
‘down under.’