This entertainment article is a guest post!

The 1980s was a decade when Hollywood dynasties were made. Movies in those 10 years put in motion a number of things that we can be thankful for today in my opinion. Here is my take of the top 5 cult movies of the 1980s.

The Terminator:

Does it get any better than The Terminator when it comes to cult classics? I don’t think so. The Terminator set up the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie was directed so well that it even took into account the poor acting skills of Schwarzenegger with his staple deadpan expressions. The ‘I’ll be back’ dialogues still rings in my ears as it does in many people’s minds. Action and thrill abound in this gem of a film and you must not miss it for the world.

Back to the Future:

With a sci-fi plotline containing a crazy scientist, time travel, and Michael J Fox, there’s no surprise that this movie gave rise to such a cult following. Add two equally enticing sequels and you have me hooked. I can’t tell you how many Back to the Future marathons I’ve had with and without my friends with this comedy series. Some memorable dialogues and unique sequences make this movie a must watch according to me.

The Evil Dead:

Evil Dead was the beginning of a series that is continuing to this day and has spawned four further movies. The last one came out in 2013 and what’s more, the director has publically stated that another sequel is in the works. In the horror genre, I don’t think it can get better than this. I’ve seen this one with my girlfriend, my parents, and even my little nephews and I have to say, each experience was different and enjoyable for its own unique reasons.

The Thing:

I know this is my second entry in the horror genre but The Thing is worlds apart from The Evil Dead. This one’s a psychological thriller and I love me some psychological thriller. The movie is about a group of people trapped in the Antarctic trying to protect themselves from an alien that can become any one of them. There’s even a game on this movie.

The Blues Brothers:

While sci-fi and horror may give birth to the best cult classics, musicals are not far behind either. I give you The Blues Brothers. With a soundtrack to die for and wry, almost British comedy, this movie will have you smiling ironically and tapping your feet to wondrous blues music. Dan Aykroyd is the icing on the cake!